Recorded high-quality performance results that have been reviewed with contractors

Navy Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP)

  • PROPHEX TS (Polymer Resistant to Prolonged Heat Exposure Textile System) program developed a low-cost, fire-resistant material for potential use in Navy working uniforms
  • Material Science, Research and Development


Naval Sea Systems Command NUWC Keyport and Newport Divisions (NAVSEA)

  • Supporting one of Navy’s newest Programs of Record, the Blackwing program
  • Construction of testing facilities

 Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Soldier Center

  • R&D support of advanced materials
  • Signature Management Front End Analysis
  • Desalination Front End Analysis to discover new and efficient ways to provide clean drinking water to warfighters
  • Proof of concept for advanced materials to be used in next-generation Jungle Uniforms
  • Creation of innovative bi-component omniphobic material
  • Modeling and Simulation of advanced materials and effectiveness for the warfighter


Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Materials State Awareness and Supportability Branch (“AFRL/RXCA”)

  • Material State Awareness and Signature Management
  • Research, Analysis, and Development of Specialty Material Coatings, Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies
  • Validate and Verify System Performance
  • Supporting programs such as the B-1, F-22, and F-35


Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Composites Branch (“AFRL/RXCC”)

  • Construction of Testing equipment and Facilities

Defense Intelligence Agency

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures/Defense Counterintelligence Services Support
  • Counterintelligence Support, Analysis Support, Insider Threat Program
  • Collection Management Officer – HUMINT Course and SMEs
  • Training and course writing

Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Operational Support
  • Operations (Tradecraft) Training

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Full Motion Video and GEOINT Analysis
  • Analytical Support Services

Washington Headquarters Services

  • Administrative, Logistics & Management
  • Engineering, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Physical Security

Department of State

  • Operational Support
  • Operations (Tradecraft) Training

Defense Technical Information Center

  • Submitted Scientific Technical Information for Department of Defense reuse

Central Intelligence Agency

  • Operational Support
  • Operations (Tradecraft) Training

National Security Agency

  • Operational Support
  • Operations (Tradecraft) Training

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

  • Operational Support
  • Operations (Tradecraft) Training